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21 August 2015


A very popular strategy for internet marketers is to produce articles that can be used by other people on their websites. There are several ways in which this can be done to promote clixGalore Merchants. This tutorial will go through a couple of the strategies that some Affiliates use when producing articles to make Affiliate sales.

There are hundreds of free article directories on the internet ranging from the free ones such as through to paid services such as and many others (just do a search for "article directory" in Google to find more). These article directories are a very handy tool for internet marketers. The basic premise is that people want content (in this case articles) for their websites and in return for writing them an article, you are allowed to put a link or links within that article. Your article can potentially be used by many sites too.

Now the first, and most popular thing that people do, is to place a link to their own website in the articles that they write. This gives a website the ever important one-way back-link from the site that the article is used on. This can be a useful strategy in "preselling" an audience for a Merchant's product or service. For example, many people write and distribute via the article directories, an article that has a lot of "teaser" information concerning a certain product. The link at the bottom of the article links back to their own site where there is even more information as well as the clixGalore Affiliate link that goes to the Merchant's website.

That strategy can be used on a whole website basis by pointing the link at the index or it can be done on a product by product basis by pointing the link at a specific URL on your site that has more information concerning the product that the article was about.

The other option is to place the Affiliate link on the article itself. Some directories frown on that however. It also looks a little messy as Affiliate URLs are usually quite long. The way to get around this is to put a link to your own site or URL and then use a redirect from that URL. If you are not sure how to do a redirect, you can view our tutorial about it here.

While that covers the main ways to use article marketing to drive people to your site or your clixGalore Merchant's site, there are many other things that you should know in order to be successful in using this strategy.

The main point, is that you want as many people to be reading your articles as possible and you want as many people to be placing them on their websites as possible to expose your story to a large audience. You therefore have to make sure that your articles grab people's attention. In addition to being well written, you should spend a little bit of time thinking about the title of your article as it is that title that will grab people's attention in the first place. Remember that you article will be listed with many others - you need to make it stand out. You should try to add an element of interest in the title - that could mean an element of conflict, news, helpfulness etc.

For example, a title "Weight Loss" will not attract as much attention as "How I lost 12 pounds in 3 days." The element of revealing something helpful in the title entices people to read more.

Within the body of the story, you should try to make it easy to read. That means short sentences and short words. You can also us a lot of dashes - for making it flow better. Also using lists helps the readability of articles. Taking the time to write a readable and helpful article will repay your effort more than writing a poor article.

Finally, you will want to submit your article to as many article directories as you can. This gives you the best chance of getting your articles picked up by webmasters and read by a large audience.

Writing reasonable quality articles that people want to read or put on their website is the key to using this technique to promoting your Merchants. The more good quality articles that you have online, the greater the chance that people will click on the links to find your site or your Merchant's site and increase your chance of making Affiliate sales.

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