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3 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Affiliate Website
Fri, 20 Sep 2013, 09:00:00

Successful Affiliates are always tweaking their own sites and finding ways to improve. This is an ongoing process that all Affiliates with websites should make the time to do, if they wish to continually improve their results. This article will go through some of the main things that are common to successful Affiliate websites and how you can improve your own site.

There are literally hundreds of ways that you can improve your Affiliate marketing results by improving your own site or sites. For now, we'll concentrate on a few of the main things Affiliates can do to help their results - mainly search engine optimization, deep linking and product descriptions.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that most successful Affiliates are reasonably familiar with. If you want to start generating natural traffic from the major search engines then knowing a little about SEO is a good idea. Some of the best earning Affiliates literally have websites with thousands of well optimised web pages listed in the major search engines.

So how do I create a well optimised web page?

There are a few things to know about search engines. For starters, search engines cannot read graphics files or flash files. Therefore having a lot of flash or graphics won't give you any benefits in the search engines. On the other hand, search engines can read text - and so you should concentrate on providing them with the text that they want.

For starters, you should decide on a keyword or key-phrase that you want your page to rank well in the search engines for. Try to think from a search engine user's point of view. What would a searcher type into a search engine to arrive at your page? Now use that phrase in the title of your page. You should also use it in the first sentence of any main text. The keyword or phrase should make up between 2% and 5% of the text on the page. Try to use it in the concluding sentence too. If you link to that page from other pages on your site (or other websites), you should try to use the keyword or phrase as the anchor text of the link. Doing these things will help you rank well for those keyword terms within the search engines and help you get a little bit of traffic.

Deep Links

Sending your visitors to a Merchant's site via your Affiliate links is great and should be the aim you're your Affiliate site if you plan to make a commission. But deep linking is something you should think about if you want to maximise your conversions. Deep linking means sending your visitors to the specific product page on a Merchant's website that they are interested in (rather than just to the front page of the Merchant website).

The fact is that deep links convert visitors to sales better than links to the front page. This is because if your site has a description of a product, you have probably presold that visitor on the product - deep links show the visitor the way to purchase the product much faster than if they have to navigate themselves from the front page. You want to place a few obstacles between your site and the buy now button as you can. Deep linking is the best way to do that.

If you are not sure about the technical side, please refer to our tutorial on deep linking.

Honest Endorsements and Descriptions

People can spot an ad from a mile away. A description of an item that is over the top in praise will not fool anybody. If you are describing a Merchant or a product, then factual and truthful descriptions and recommendations tend to do better than sales pitches in terms of converting your traffic into actual sales.

If you give helpful advice and add value to a service or product you will encourage people to click through to the Merchant's site or product using your Affiliate link. Maximizing your click through rate (CTR) in this way helps your own credibility as a reliable source of product information and is a good part of a long term strategy to increase your Affiliate sales.

While these strategies are among the basic things you can do to improve your own Affiliate website, this is by no means an exhaustible list - rather, just a good starting point. Improving your results on Affiliate websites is an ongoing battle. Hopefully, these few simple things will set you on the right path.

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