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Free Email Accounts And Affiliate Application Screening
By Rob Wood
Thu, 2 Feb 2006, 23:50:00

Affiliate applications to join clixGalore Affiliate Marketing that use free email accounts like 'Hotmail', 'Yahoo', and 'Gmail' etc are now manually reviewed prior to approval.

Up until now, clixGalore has automatically approved all applications from new Affiliates. We felt that this was a strength in our network in that we could allow new Affiliates to participate in our network quickly and easily.

The system has worked well for some time and we have nurtured many Affiliates from being absolute beginners to being solid earners on our network. Having a large base of Affiliates also practically assured our Merchants wide exposure on many different websites thus helping their branding. Today we have many tens of thousands of Affiliates and we are growing at the rate of hundreds of new Affiliates per day.

However, that system of automatically allowing anyone using a free email account to join our network as an Affiliate has also had its drawbacks and we have decided to review all Affiliate applications that use a free email account (eg) 'Hotmal', 'Yahoo' and 'Gmail' etc.

Now that we have established such a very large base of Affiliates, we feel the best way forward will be to nurture that base and expand it in a more controlled fashion.

Affiliates who do not use a free email account like 'Hotmail', 'Yahoo' or 'Gmail' will have their application automatically approved. Affiliate applications using the above free email accounts will be reviewed on a case by case basis prior to approval by clixGalore's staff.

This will improve our network in thee ways:

Personal Knowledge - As a staff member will be required to vet most new applications manually, clixGalore's staff will have personal knowledge of new applications and will be in a far better position to answer questions about Affiliates.

Network Integrity - While the open application policy has allowed thousands of great new Affiliates into our network, it has also at times been taken advantage of by a few bad Affiliates. This has meant that clixGalore has had to react to these Affiliates rather than prevent misuse in the first place. The new system will alter this state of affairs significantly.

Customer Care - By removing the few bad apples before they strike, the clixGalore customer care team will have more time to devote to taking care of Merchant and Affiliates requests and attending to ways to improve their individual accounts.

In these ways, we hope our new system will positively affect our network as well as our Merchants and Affiliates. We look forward to continually improving our network and making it the best in the business.

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