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How Does clixGalore Track My Orders?
By Rob Wood
Fri, 20 Sep 2013, 09:00:00

We receive a lot of emails from people who are curious about how clixGalore can track their orders. Well, this story will tell you how we do it without going into too much technical detail. This way you can rest assured that everything can be traced correctly and that you are getting the proper credit for the orders that you send.

Note: clixGalore currently supports integration with over 99% of shopping carts. You can get specific instructions on setting up your shopping cart with clixGalore from the instructions in our help files when you log into your Merchant account. (There is a no-cost integration service for Merchants who want a clixGalore technician to set up their shopping cart).

In effect there are three different parties that have to interact when transaction occurs to make sure that everything is recorded correctly. Those three parties are the Merchant who is offering the product or service, the Affiliate who is driving traffic to the Merchant's site where that product or service is offered and then the clixGalore Affiliate Network which records all of this and makes sure everyone is fairly paid for their work.

Let's follow the process of a websurfer who wants to buy something.

They will go to the Affiliate's website and read about the great offer. Usually there will be a banner or a text link that the Affiliate is displaying that alerts them of that offer. The code to display that banner or text link is supplied to the Affiliate by clixGalore when the Affiliate indicates that they wish to promote the Merchant. Every time that code is loaded (ie. a websurfer looks at the Affiliate's webpage), the clixGalore system will record an impression - this is recordable because the banner does not reside on the Affiliate's webpage but is hyperlinked via the clixGalore system from the Merchant's web server. clixGalore therefore knows every time a banner or text link is called.

When the websurfer then clicks on the banner several things happen. Firstly, a cookie is put onto their computer. A cookie is a little piece of unique code which is placed on the websurfer's computer and enables the clixGalore system to identify that computer. The clixGalore system also records that the banner or text link has been clicked on. The web-surfer is then directed via the clixGalore system to the landing page on the Merchant's website.

Now when a Merchant signs up, they are given code to place on their website. This is placed on a specific end of sales page that alerts clixGalore when a sale (or lead) has been made. It can also pass the value of a sale if the Merchant wishes it to.

If the web-surfer that was sent from the Affiliate site goes on to make a purchase of fill out a lead, they will eventually come to the page with the Merchant's end of sales code on it. At this point, the code is called and the clixGalore system records that. The cookie that was placed on the web-surfer's computer at the Affiliate's site is also matched on the clixGalore system. That makes sure that the web-surfer is the same web-surfer that originally clicked on the Affiliate's site banner. This also means that clixGalore doesn't record transactions that are not sent by clixGalore Affiliates.

And that's about it. clixGalore has recorded the entire process from the web-surfer clicking on the banner on the Affiliate's site all the way to the Merchant's site where they made a purchase. Everything gets recorded in the Merchant and Affiliate's reports as well as on the clixGalore system and everyone is happy!

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