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21 August 2015


The website at has gone live! is a website dedicated to helping the Merchants and Affiliates of clixGalore use the website and get the most out of their programs.

Over the coming weeks and months we hope to bring you a lot of tutorials and tips with detailed instructions and screenshots about how to use the clixGalore system to improve your Affiliate program's performance.

The tutorials will be divided into helping both Merchants and Affiliates to both gain a better understanding of the website as well as tips and techniques for getting better results.

In the coming months we also hope to add a forum so that users of clixGalore will have a place to meet online and share insider secrets. It will hopefully also be a place where the Merchants and Affiliates of clixGalore can throw around ideas with the staff.

So, welcome to the site and if you would like to request a detailed explanation of something on the clixGalore website that can be posted here, then please send your emails to customercare [at]

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