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21 August 2015


If you are aimimg to improve the results of your Affiliate program then one strategy that you may wish to seriously consider is deep linking. Deep linking will help you increase your sales rates and enhance the experience of your website visitors by allowing them easy access to the information that they are seeking. This tutorial will give you the low down on everything you need to know about using the clixGalore system to deep link.

What is deep linking? Deep linking is linking to the specific interior page or product on a Merchant's site that your visitor is interested in (as opposed to just linking to the home page of the Merchant).

Why should you deep link? It has been shown that difficulties getting from a homepage to a specific product page is responsible for over a quarter of failures in getting a visitor to purchase a product. By deep linking to a specific product, an Affiliate is able to largely eliminate the problems associated with navigating a Merchant's website. By taking the visitor directly to the information that they desire, you greatly increase the chances of converting that visitor into a sale. If you only link to the homepage of the Merchant then you are forcing that visitor to takes several more steps to find the product that they want. It is far better to make it easy for the visitor and send them directly to the product page.

How do I deep link? While there are detailed instructions on how to deep link in the clixGalore help files, here is a quick rundown. First you will have to find the URL of the specific page that you would like to direct your customer to. We will use an example from Gifts Australia - a very successful clixGalore Merchant. After viewing their site, let's say we want to promote their "Cute as a Button Hamper" which can be viewed on this page:

After we have found that page we can log into our clixGalore account and go to "Get Banner Linking Code / Deep Linking" (assuming you have already joined and been accepted to their program) After selecting the "View Tracking Code" link next to Gifts Australia, a popup window will open. The popup displays the code in a text box, but at the top of the popup is an option to deep link. We will need to take our product page URL from Gifts Australia and paste it into that section (remembering to take out the "http://"). When that is done, we just press the "add" button. Doing that will apend some extra code to the clixGalore tracking code that will take our visitor directly to the page displaying the "Cute as a Button Hamper"

deep linking Use this window to insert the URL of the page you wish to deep link to.

The code that is generated, after adding the Merchant product URL will look like this (note this will vary slightly from Affiliate to Affiliate so please don't copy this exact code):

<!-- Begin clixGalore -->
<img src="" width="0" height="0" border="0">
<a href="" > - Making Your Presents Felt</a>
<!-- End clixGalore Code -->

Everyone who clicks on the banner or text link generated by this code on our webpage, will now be taken to the "Cute as a Button Hamper." Now all that is left to do is to take that code and place it on one of our pages.

Note: If you are interested in deep linking to every product that a Merchant has, then you may be interested in some other features of clixGalore. Non-technical users may wish to check out the tutorial on the clixGalore Instant Website Builder which automatically includes deep links to each of the products included. For technical users, clixGalore offers free datafeeds that you can use to also deep link.

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