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21 August 2015


By now all clixGalore Merchants have been informed via email of clixGalore's new policy regarding minimum balances for Merchant accounts which will become effective on the 21st of April, 2006. We feel the new policy will improve the overall performance of the network and help serious Merchants and Affiliates. So here are a few points on the new system and why we think it will be a positive thing for everyone on the network.

From that date, the minimum balance for Merchant programs will be according to the following table (this does not apply to PPC or Instant Traffic Pool Merchants):

Currency: Minimum Balance:

US Dollars 50
AU Dollar 65
UK Pounds 30
EU Euros 40
NZ Dollars 70
CA Dollars 60
JP Yen 6000
IN Rupees 2250

Now, Merchants don't actually have to do anything. If you have elected to MANUALLY redeposit funds into your Merchant account then the new system will be rolled out and will send you an email if a new deposit is required.

If you have your account set to AUTOMATICALLY redeposit funds, then this will be done automatically (and an email will be sent by the system informing you of your deposit - as usual).

There are several reasons for the change.

For starters, increasing the minimum balance of Merchant accounts demonstrates a commitment by those Merchants to their Affiliates and their program. We feel that a Merchant who is unable or unwilling to maintain such small balances is simply not serious about their Affiliate marketing program and is unlikely to have the commitment to their Affiliate program that would be required for some success. Luckily this doesn't apply to most of our Merchants!

On a practical note, Affiliates will be able to promote programs knowing that their efforts will not result in sales being driven to a Merchant's site with the Merchant unable (or unwilling) to cover the commission. In fact, it was mainly due to the feedback of our Super Affiliates that this has been introduced as some were coming up against less than scrupulous Merchants. This new system will ensure that these Affiliates can promote all Merchants in good faith.

While we feel that having this increased balance will improve the overall performance of your Merchant program, there are a few other things worth considering. For starters, the majority of our top performing Affiliates will be unaffected by this change as the Merchants they are promoting already maintain balances significantly above the minimum balance requirement. They also have their auto-redeposit and pending redeposit settings turned on so that Affiliates can promote them knowing they will always receive their commissions in a timely fashion and that the programs will never incur redirected traffic due to low balances (which would of course affect Affiliates negatively also, as they are wasting traffic!). Please see our tutorial on improving your results for more information on this.

autoredeposit It is good practice to "Auto Redeposit" when your balance falls below the set level. Some Super Affiliates will ONLY promote Merchants that have this setting on!

As always, if you have any question about the new policy, please feel free to drop an email to our customer care team at customercare[at] and they will be happy to assist you.

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