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21 August 2015


One mistake that new Affiliate marketers often make is to go out a join a lot of Merchant programs and try to promote them all. This is usually due to being very enthusiastic and wanting to start promoting a lot of Merchants as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is usually not the best strategy to go with if you are new to Affiliate Marketing. This tutorial will go through a few things that new Affiliates should do to educate themselves about marketing with clixGalore and why it isn't necessarily a good idea to join a lot of Merchant programs.

The first thing that needs to be done for any Merchant program you join is research. If you are not up to speed on Affiliate Marketing in general, then you should certainly consider reading ALL of the articles available here at After you are comfortable with the basics of Affiliate Marketing, you will need to find out about the specific product you want to promote and develop a plan for how you intend to develop it. By concentrating on one Merchant or a group of similar Merchants you will give yourself a better chance at success. This maybe slightly counter-intuitive - after all if you promote 100 merchants, by extension, you should make 100 times as many commissions, right?


Affiliates who specialise in one area or niche of Affiliate marketing, tend to do better - especially if they are in the early stages of developing their Affiliate career. Over time, it will be possible to diversify, but for the early stages it is far better to concentrate on a single merchant, product or niche.

Another mistake that many new Affiliates make is to fill a site or webpage with hundreds of Affiliate links and banners and expect people to click on them. Again, this simply won't work well at all. You are far better advised to develop a website around a single product, Merchant or niche and concentrate on promoting it to people who would be interested in that topic. Provide them with information and Affiliate links that are related to the topic.

Alternatively, if you are promoting Merchants via other methods, you would be well advised to concentrate on a single area. For example, developing an email list interested in a particular niche will be more responsive to offers than a general email list. Always keep the niche in mind.

Even using PPC marketing like Adwords, you will find that concentrating on a niche helps. Knowing a specific product or niche area well will usually improve your results in that area. This is mainly reflected in your choice of successful keywords which you will come to develop and improve as you discover which work and which don't.

Now, in deciding which product or Merchants you should concentrate on promoting when you are relatively new to Affiliate marketing, you should consider a few things first. Perhaps the most important is knowing what to look for in a Merchant program. There is a helpful tutorial on that topic here.

When you have come to terms with that, and have chosen a small niche to begin marketing, you will be in much better stead that many beginning Affiliates. Concentrating on your specific product. Merchant or niche will give you the greatest chance of success by focussing your enthusiasm, efforts and Affiliate education.

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