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21 August 2015


If your looking for ways to advertise your business online and only pay when you makes sales, then you probably want to start using Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing allows Merchants like yourself to advertise your business on the internet and allow others (known as Affiliates) to promote your products and services. The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that Affiliates are only paid when they generates sales for you. They typically work on a commission basis only!

Here's how it works:

You the Merchant builds an Affiliate program account online here and enter the details of the website that you would like to have promoted. You also enter the advertisements (both text and banners) that you would like your Affiliates to use when performing the promotion. You also enter the rate you would like to pay in commisison (e.g. 10% per sale or a flat rate) when one of your Affiliates sends you a customer that places an order.

Once your Affiliate program has been activated and listed on the clixGalore Affiliate Marketing network, Affiliates then choose to take up your offer by joining your Affiliate program and start the promotion using the advertisement you have provided. Customers are then sent to your website by your Affiliates who are then paid the commisison if the the customer places an order. clixGalore Affiliate Marketing pay your Affiliates and provides both you and your Affiliates an online management console to operate your Affiliate program.

This type of marketing is called Affiliate marketing.

In order for you to find your way around the clixGalore site and understand what is going on it is imperative that you read and understand these basic concepts.

Terms - Who's Who!

Merchant - The company that is selling a service or product.

Affiliate - The company or individual who promotes and markets the website of the Merchant.

Affiliate Network - The company that provides the service by which Merchants and Affiliates are connected (like clixGalore!). The Affiliate Network is usually the creator of the software and websites that track transactions between the Merchant and Affiliate.

Terms - Program Types

%Sale - Where a Merchant pays a set % of every transaction to the Affiliate who sent the customer.

Per Sale - Where a Merchant pays a set $ fee of every transaction to the Affiliate who sent the customer.

Per Lead - Where a Merchant pays a set $ fee to an Affiliate who sends a customer that fills out a lead form.

Per Click - Where a Merchant pays every time a customer clicks on their advertisement on an Affiliate's website.

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