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If you are seeking to increase the visibility of your Merchant program among potential Affiliates, clixGaloreTutor offers access to the most highly targeted audience available. This is the site where Affiliates come to find out about new programs and learn ways to promote Merchant programs. It is also where they can find out about yours.

Advertising on the clixGaloreTutor website is available to all clixGalore Customers.

The following banner placement costs are for a sitewide, one month ad banner placement on

Header Banner (468x60): $150
Footer Banner (468x60): $120
Skyscraper (160x600): $150
Vertical Banner (120x240) $ 80
Button (120x90) $ 70
Button (120x60) $ 60

Merchants will need to supply their own banners or use the clixGalore banner creation service available from within your login area.

For more information or to place an advertisement order, please contact us at merchantsales [at]

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