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21 August 2015


Keeping visitors on your site or getting them to return should be one of the aims of both Affiliate and Merchant websites. This increases the long term chances of converting them into buying customers. There are a couple of strategies that almost any website can employ to retain their visitors, develop a loyal customer base and generate more sales. This article will assume that you have the ability to alter the code of your website with basic, downloadable scripts.

Bookmark this Page - Most have you will have seen these little links or buttons on websites. Allowing your visitors to easily bookmark your website in their browser increases the chances that they will return to your site at a later date. There are free scripts on the internet that you can incorporate into the html of your page to get these links working.

Code Lifter Bookmark Script
Tuscaloosa Bookmark Script
Net Mechanic Bookmark Script

Tell a Friend - Another way to encourage new visitors is to add a "Tell a Friend" script to your site so that visitors can inform their colleagues of pages on your site that might be of interest to them. Again, this usually requires that you simply use a freely available script (there are lots available on the internet).

Here are a couple you might like to check out:

JavaScriptKit Tell a Firend Script Expert Web Installs Tell a Friend Script

E-newsletters - Another obvious way that people keep their visitors informed and returning to their websites is through the use of an email newsletter. Subscribers who want to find out more information about your site are great prospects for sales, so keeping them returning to your site should be a priority. By collecting people's emails, you will develop a list of targeted prospects who will be more amenable to offers and news in the longer term too.

One tip for encouraging people to sign up with your e-newsletter is to offer them some incentive for doing so. This is usually something like a free download. (You could also start your own Merchant lead program specifically to drive people to sign up to your email newsletter).

You can check out scripts on this site:

RefDev Email Scripts List

Useful New Content - One of the most basic ways to keep people coming back to your site is to update it with new and useful content as regularly as possible. This is one reason that some blogs become very popular - regularly updated content.

Polls - Many sites produce a little bit of interactivity for their visitors by placing a poll on their site that allows their visitors to vote on some relevant issue. By updating these polls regularly, you will get a few of your readers to return to participate or view the results. That gives you an extra chance to convert them into sales.

Here are a few scripts you might be interested in:

Stylus Inc. Poll Script
Chipmunk Poll Script
CGI World Poll Script

These general tips are a good start to making your website stickier and they generally apply to both Affiliate sites and Merchant sites. Of course, this list of ideas is not exhaustive - if you are looking for even more ideas just type stick website into Google and you will be sure to find a lot of other ideas too.

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